Idun Green 8 Inch

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8 inch
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The guardian of the golden apple: Idun


* Vegan

8 inch/20cm Heels


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You can find our clear shoe protector here!



Idun - The guardian of the golden apples that gave the ásgods eternal youth. It says that her name means “giver of the eternal youth”. Idun guarded the wooden chest, containing the apples, with her life. Even during the abduction of Idun and her apples to the giant’s kingdom Jutenheim, by the trickster god Loki, she never lets them out of her protection. You can say that even if Idun had a very innocent character (compared to other goddesses in Norse mythology) she was badass stubborn. Idun is one of the most mysterious goddesses in Norse mythology. She was apparently very important to the gods since she held the power of eternal youth, but there's very little of her story that survived into modern time. If you too feel mysterious and young at heart, maybe Idun is your ancestor.

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