Nótt Blue Suede 8 Inch - Knee High Boots

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8 inch
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She is one of the oldest goddesses in Norse mythologyNótt


* Vegan

8 inch/20cm Heels

* Knee High Boots

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Nótt - She is one of the oldest goddesses in Norse mythology. She was the daughter of a giant and therefore a Jotunn, not an ássgod. Nótt is the night personified, and rides around the earth every day, followed by her son Dag (day). She was unusual in several ways. Her skin was dark and her hair black. She used to decorate her hair with a thousand stars, which we can see if we look up to the sky on a bright night. She was also very modern in the sense that she refused to keep to one partner. She was married three times, which was not common in Norse mythology. She is a very unusual character and her family tree revolves around the day, night, and earth. She is therefore a big part of the creation of this earth and all the people it contains. Nótt didn’t care about what others were thinking about her unusual looks and way of living. She was who she was, strong, dark, and beautiful. Can you feel her power too?

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