Echidna Red 8 Inch

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8 inch
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Mother to all monsters: Echidna Red


* Vegan

8 inch/20cm Heels

The Echidna Red material risk to get mark/scruff during intense floor work, we recommend our shoe protector for longer lasting shoes. You can find our clear shoe protector here!



This goddess story is from ancient Greek mythology. She is described as half
maiden, half-snake. Echidna was beautiful and innocent but also deadly and dangerous. She has been described as a nymph, irresistible and fair. But also a monster with a serpent tail with
speckled skin. She was mother to all monsters in Greek mythology, which more or less makes her the mother of dragons before that was a thing. Are you as fierce, bold and unapologetic as Echidna, this shoe is for you.

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