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Medusa Green/Black 8 Inch

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8 inch
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Medusa means guardian or protectress in ancient greek.


* Vegan

8 inch/20cm Heels

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Medusa - Medusa means guardian or protectress in ancient greek. She is described as a monstrous female with snakes instead of hair, but it wasn’t always like that. Medusa was a beautiful woman who got gravely mistreated by the gods. She got cursed by Athena that turned her hair into poisonous snakes after being assaulted in Athena's temple. Or was it a curse? Modern analysis of the myth around Medusa is not that Athena cursed her with poisonous snake hair but gave her a weapon to protect herself.  In the old myth, Medusa gets killed by Perseus by beheading, but a modern artist called Luciano Garbati made a new interpretation in a statue where Medusa is beheading Perseus. This art piece has been a symbol for female rage and some people say that this is how the story should have ended. We don’t know much about Medusa, but the early myth tells that she was a victim being sentenced and blamed and then killed. But the new version is interpreting female rage and the statement that enough is enough. A woman can put up with a lot but eventually, she will let her snake hair bite you.

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